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REAL-TIME Wait Updates @ your favorite NYC Venues

Check the line. Minimize your wait.


LineUp is an app that tells you the REAL TIME wait, vibe, and the details of all your favorite nightlife venues. Trying to choose what bar will be quickest to get into?  Check LineUp for the wait times on over 30 venues. Not familiar with the area? Use LineUp to pick a club close to you that matches the vibe you are going for. Not sure what's the best time to arrive? Use LineUp's information to check out what's happening in real-time.


The information is CROWDSOURCED from users like you - so we encourage you to report wait times and earn rewards while doing so. We will soon expand beyond nightlife venues to the DMV, restaurants, tourist attractions, and more. 

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Download LineUp in the Apple App Store. LineUp currently has data for Manhattan nightlife venues and NYC grocery stores.


In March 2020 as nightlife venues temporarily closed, we shifted our focus to grocery stores and testing centers. 


Word on the Street


LineUp made it so easy to choose the place to go out in at our pregame. It eliminated the dreadful line hopping, and we found the perfect place with the music and age group we wanted.

LINES SUCK, and NYC has so many of them. That's I guess what happens when you cram 8 million people onto an island. LineUp helped me a lot to choose where to avoid a line.

I love the easy to use interface. It was to the point and gave me the details I wanted to know.  I'm excited for it to launch in the Meatpacking area.



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